Bronzite is a ferrous (iron rich) quartzite, mined in Brazil. It resembles the tones, colors, shapes and warm texture of natural wood.

A quality stone that is elegant and rich in details, this stunning material continues to make its name on the quartzite market. Bronzite is a strong, high impact resistant, and very durable natural stone.


Dare to impress using Bronzite

Close Up

Extraction: Extracted from Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil.
Type of finish: Polished, Brushed and Honed.
Thickness: 02cm and 03cm.
Utilization: Indoors and outdoors. Countertop, sink, tiles, paving, facade and walls.

Dados Técnicos

ASTM* Test Method Value English
Absorption by Weight, % C97 0.45
Density, lbs/ft3, (kg/m³) C97 2967
Compressive Strength, psi, (Mpa) C170 229,43
Abrasion Resistance, hardness C241 149,488
Flexural Strength, psi, (Mpa) C880 45,7

Color representation is for sample purposes only. Actual product can vary in color, crystal structure and movement.
Technical information is for a frame of reference only as specific values will vary through out the range of the stone.

The Quarry

Bronzite reveals all the versatility of quartzite

Oriented by specialized professionals, it can be used in different forms, from rustic to cozy, never losing ellegance.


Bronzite allows several finishes such as leathered, polished, honed or brushed, bringing amazing effects with the combination of its tones, colors and finishes will complement any ambiance.


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